A.G.V. Electrical Estimating Services

Why Choose Us

A proper electrical estimate is the lifeline of any electrical contractor. Failure to estimate a project as per plans and specifications can put your company in financial dire straits. Every day Electrical Contractors rely on us to deliver timely, complete, and comprehensive electrical estimates. Most of our clients have seen immense growth, while being able to save money and focus on growing their business.

Our estimators are all electricians by trade. Some of us are former contractors and all of us have been estimating for many years. We participate in yearly continuing education, so we are abreast of the latest NEC codes. We provide a project that meets the design intent. Here is some of the advantages we can offer.

A.G.V. Electrical Estimating Services

  • Our estimators have decades of estimating experience.
  • On going database customization and realistic labor units customized to your project difficulty level.
  • Our Northeast and Midwest hub has the ability to serve all 50 states.
  • Instead of paying an entry level estimator top dollar and having to worry about training them, you can rest assured you always have a bona fide experienced estimator working on your project.
  • Ability to meet tight bid dates.
  • Scope review and risk analysis.
  • We provide a full bill of material for all quoted packages.
  • No need to worry about estimator turnover and continuous recruitment. We are always here for you.
  • Ability to address last minute addendum and changes.
  • Continuous streamline communication through our state-of-the-art portal. Your project will always be personalized and no lost email chains.
  • Our pricing will inevitably be much more economical compared to a payroll estimator.
  • We can work with your in-house estimator on large jobs if need be so you have several estimators working to meet a deadline.
  • We also provide upon request post bid documentation such as AIA schedule of values and can do a cursory review of your subcontract to mitigate risk.
  • Change order and value engineering.
  • All takeoffs are electronic.
  • We offer all major software and can either provide you with a file or a full turnkey bid.
  • We do periodic overhead analysis with you to determine your actual costs.

In House Estimating

  • Semi-skilled estimators and expensive payroll. All employees want 40 hours guaranteed work.
  • Owner forced to estimate themselves, losing business opportunities.
  • Lack of database customization. Most companies simply buy software out of the box and do not customize.
  • Employee turnover. Estimators are notorious for always looking for better opportunities and when you least expect it will quit.
  • Estimators are hard to find. Many have no field experience.
  • No more wasted weekends and late nights estimating.
  • The price of one estimator can be significant.
  • They may not be trained in your software.
  • Sometimes the best estimators cannot do a large project alone, necessitating additional help.
  • Lost opportunities because of lack of estimating manpower.