Customer Testimonials

We Value Our Clients

At A.G.V. Electrical Estimating Services, we take pride in the relationships we build with our clients. We strive to provide the best possible communication and service and it’s a great honor to have testimonials from those who have felt that their expectations have been met. Each testimonial is a special reminder of why we do the work we do: to make sure all of our valued clients feel taken care of and fully supported. It’s important for us to listen to client reviews so that we can continue to improve and stay current with changing needs. Please take a few moments to read through some of the testimonials provided by our clients.
The team at A.G.V Electrical Estimating are fantastic at what they do.  Whether you’re a growing company that needs an estimator or if your larger and need additional eyes on a project. A.G.V. does a detailed and accurate job reviewing the plans and specs.

Excellent communication from start to finish and then some once you get awarded the job! We here at 3rd Rock Electrical Contractors LLC will be working with A.G.V. for years to come.
Alexander Barret Scott
Owner, 3rd Rock Electrical Contractors LLC
A.G.V. has been a life saver. They have estimated for me since I opened my doors. I trust their years of experience not only as estimators but former Contractors. I'm so grateful we crossed paths and look forward to many more years working together.
Melissa Blair
Owner – B.A.M. Electrical Contracting
I am an electrical contractor that is relatively new to bid work. The team at A.G.V. Electrical Estimating was referred to me by a friend of mine, and I am very glad he did. They immediately took me under their wing and explained the bid process in depth. They sat down and took the time to figure out all of my overheads and expenses to accurately bid. I told myself that I would use an estimator a couple times until I understood the process, but after working with A.G.V., I will continue to use them for my bidding needs. Thank you A.G.V. Electrical Estimating.
Garrett Bayard
Owner – Bayard Electric
Partnering with the AGV estimating team is one of the best decisions we have made as a contractor. This is not simply an estimating service looking to crunch numbers and move on to the next customer. AGV is a team of highly knowledgeable electricians, using their years of experience to accurately price every project. From the first time we spoke, it was clear that AGV wanted us to be successful, and we owe a large portion of our firm's growth to them. We look forward to continuing our relationship for many years to come.
Rob Roper
President - Roper Electrical Corp